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Beauty Gadgets

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Panasonic Handy Mist Face Beauty
Operated with AAA battery.  Just add your favourite skin lotion (water based) into the compartment and spray on your dry skin whenever you need it. Suitable for travelling & in flight and it’s more economical as well. 

Tescom Hairdryer with comb
Dries and style your hair at the same time. Comes with ionizer feature therefore reduces statics on your hair. Perfect for travelling as well.


Panasonic Eyelash Heater & Curler
Operated with AA battery. Instant perm and curl your lash. Warning: you may need some practice to use this tool and not to overheat your lash otherwise your eyelash will drop.

Visa Pure Philip
Extremely love this product. Help to cleanse my face regularly without dragging my face. Also it does have vibrating and rotating brush to remove dirt and makeup residue. It has 2 speed (gentle cleansing and intensive cleansing) and 1 minute timer for 1 full face (unless your face is broad, you may need 2nd round). As for the brush, I choose the soft and sensitive version. Waterproof.


Massaging hair comb

Operated with AA battery.  Massage your head while combing your hair. I love the crystal diamond  on the handle!

Omron Electronic Tooth Brush
Haven used yet. No review.

Lancome Intensive Moisture
When I was in Tokyo, I realized Japanese woman have beautiful yet hydrated skin even in winter time. Now I know the reason to get moisturized skin is to apply 3 types of moisturizer- lotion, serum, cream. Only works for extremely dry skin.  Also reduces redness & blotchy skin.

Lancome Genefique
Have only used this range for 3 weeks day and night. Has stinging effect if your skin is sensitive. However, fine lines around the laughing line and under eye slightly reduced. Will try using again after my skin getting better.

Kiehls Skincare Range
Centella Skin –Calming Facial Cleanser works well for my sensitive. Helps to soothe my sensitive skin. Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate & Micro Blur Skin Perfector best use prior to makeup application. On my lazy days and when I need medium coverage, my perfect foundation would be my BB Cream with SPF 50.

Dr Renaud Laboratoire
Been using Global Defense Youth Defender (Sunblock) & Clear Up (Anti Blemishes) on daily basis. Works for me as well.  Multi-Hydrating Mask given by my beautician. Tried once. So far no irritation and hydrate my skin. Pretty pricey for 30ml so I decided to use once a week.


By Cherlyn Tan
CL Makeup Artistry
Enhancing Your God Given Beauty

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